White Chocolate Raspberry Martini – A Limelight Original

This drinkable martini recipe comes from our renowned bartender, Chrissy. As you may remember, she dirt bikes by day and tends Aspen’s Limelight bar by night. Recently we asked her to share one of her favorite recipes with our readers, and she delivered! Here is the recipe for a white chocolate raspberry martini (although we recommend […]

Kids love the limelight2

Why My Kids Love The Limelight

A few days ago, as my wife and I got our oldest daughter ready for school, our youngest — a precocious 2-year-old named Lala — had an idea she needed to share: “Mommy, let’s have breakfast at the Limelight … right now!” It’s been a month since we visited Aspen as a family, and for […]

Maple Pumpkin Trail Mix

Limelight’s Favorite Trail Mix Recipes to Make & Take

Whether you’re in Aspen, Ketchum, or the middle of nowhere, trail mix is just so– right. It’s the perfect food for hiking, biking, you-name-it. Some nuts for protein, some grains for energy, some chocolate… because it tastes delightful. Luckily, Aspen’s Whole Foods has a fantastic selection of nuts, granola, dried fruit, chocolate, etc for you […]

Limelight Ketchum

The Inside Scoop on Limelight Residences in Ketchum

Did you know that the Limelight Hotel is expanding? This past summer we broke ground in Sun Valley, Idaho, specifically in downtown Ketchum. If you haven’t heard of Ketchum, we highly suggest taking a trip there. With daily/weekly flights to and from Denver, Los Angeles, Seattle, Salt Lake City and San Francisco it’s accessible, charming, […]

1955 Umsprung turn Aspen Mountain

Q&A with Aspen’s Legendary Skier/Entrepreneur, Klaus Obermeyer

Even the most hardcore locals are fortunate if they manage to log over 100 days on the slopes per season (they’ve got to pay the bills somehow). Klaus Obermeyer scored a solid 100-plus last year, in between putting in five days a week at the office and doing a daily lap session at the Aspen […]

Colorado in the Fall

Denverites Need a Weekend Getaway to Aspen – Stat

If you only think of Aspen when it is glistening beneath a layer of powdered snow, then you need to think again. Certainly from December to February, when the snow is fresh and deep, Aspen is popular; but for Denverites  who have easy access, Aspen’s off-season is golden. If you are planning a weekend getaway […]

Stars Above Maroon Bells

Where to See the Stars in Aspen

When I moved to Aspen from the east coast I couldn’t believe how dark it gets at night. I’d planned on getting black-out shades like I’d used in the city, but quickly realized that I could sleep with my blinds and windows wide open–completely undisturbed. The lack of ambient brightness means that in Aspen at […]

relax in aspen - aspen itinerary

Local’s Secret: Seven Reasons to Visit Aspen this Fall

It’s always sad to see a Colorado summer end, but there’s a golden lining to the onset of shorter days and nights that dip below freezing point. In late September and early October, fall colors peak, and the aspens turn the mountains vibrant with swaths of yellow. Bluebird skies and warm days usually accompany the […]

Ghost Town

Aspen’s History & Heritage: Abridged

Earlier today, a friend asked me what I meant when I said “Aspen’s culture.” Anyone who’s spent even just 48 hours in Aspen can agree that Aspen has a unique culture all its own. That said, it can seem that Aspen’s “culture” is more of a feeling or vibe than a specific specific customs, rituals, […]


How to Get a Taste of Aspen’s Farmers Market, Even if You’re a Guest

Summer’s end may be in sight (sniff), but the Aspen Farmers Market is just peaking when it comes to the region’s best seasonal foods. Palisade and Paonia peaches and Olathe corn have finally hit the stands, after a late bloom to due to a cool spring. [photo via] Non-hothouse tomatoes from Silt and Delta County, […]

Person skiing on a powder day near the Limelight Hotel Aspen.

Powder Day Hall Pass ?

Sunday night, after a weekend of snow, snow and some more snow, my fellow Aspen Skiing Company employees and me (the Aspen Skiing Company owns the Limelight Hotel) received an email from our CEO Mike Kaplan stating thus: Good things come to those who wait, and this snow is definitely a good thing.  So let’s […]

Limelight Entrance

The Limelight Hotel’s Awesome Amenities

There are certain things one should expect from a high-end ski town hotel, like a ski valet and storage. The Limelight, of course, delivers on that front (they’ll even make arrangements to have your skis or board tuned and picked-up/delivered). But there are plenty of other great amenities offered by the hotel that set it […]