Kids love the limelight2

Why My Kids Love The Limelight

A few days ago, as my wife and I got our oldest daughter ready for school, our youngest — a precocious 2-year-old named Lala — had an idea she needed to share: “Mommy, let’s have breakfast at the Limelight …...

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Aspen Boarding

Finding a Community in Aspen

I moved to Aspen solo. I was a recent college grad ready to spread  my wings “out west.” I quickly found that Aspen is a place where it’s easy to build a community. With so many activities, it’s pretty easy...

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Meet Chrissy Altomare, Bartender & Dirt Biker

In our second session of employee spotlights, we got the privilege of speaking with Chrissy Altomare, a Limelight employee who dirt bikes by day and slings drinks by night. Like countless other Coloradans, Chrissy grew up in a small Midwestern...

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Stars Above Maroon Bells

Where to See the Stars in Aspen

When I moved to Aspen from the east coast I couldn’t believe how dark it gets at night. I’d planned on getting black-out shades like I’d used in the city, but quickly realized that I could sleep with my blinds...

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