A group "cheers"-ing at a table during a glamping trip near Aspen.

Glamping > Camping

“Camping is nature’s way of promoting the motel business.” While camping is a popular activity in the Rocky Mountains, glamping in Aspen is truly the way to go. Aspen visitors can still enjoy all of the incredible beauty of the...

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Master Mine

Paint & Beer at the Limelight

I live in Aspen because I’m a skier, not an artist. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I had a paintbrush in my hand. I do enjoy eating, drinking, and anything social, so when my friend invited me...

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A week of breakfast indulgence

Monday I would advocate that French toast casserole is a great way to kick start the week. While I wanted to cut myself a slice the size of the plate, I practiced some self control and found my way to...

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Aspen at Sunset

Have a Perfect Summer in Aspen

There’s a saying here in Aspen: “People move to Aspen for the winter, but they stay here because of the summer.” Even locals who spent the summers of their youth in the Hamptons, on Nantucket, or summer camp at any...

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Kevin Callahan, a member of Team Limelight, bike racing at the Tour of the Gila.

Busy Weekend for Team Limelight

Team Limelight was in action all over the place this past weekend. Besides holding team camp in Fruita, we had competitors in the 18 Hours of Fruita, Rumble at 18 Road, and Kevin Callahan finished up the final stage at...

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Summer Cruiser Rides

Biking & Beer: What Could Be Better?

“There are a few towns in Colorado perfectly situated to stay and ride – Aspen is one of them,” a writer for PedalDancer.com states in a June 2014 article. “Aspen is a beautiful location to plop yourself down and ride...

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