Where to Find the Perfect Espresso in Aspen

Coffee enthusiasts know that espresso is meant to be consumed in a single slurp, preferably while standing. While that works for the Italians, Americans prefer to take a more leisurely approach to their caffeine fix, regardless of the time of day. In a ski town like Aspen, there’s all the more reason to dawdle- after […]

Stars Above Maroon Bells

Where to See the Stars in Aspen

When I moved to Aspen from the east coast I couldn’t believe how dark it gets at night. I’d planned on getting black-out shades like I’d used in the city, but quickly realized that I could sleep with my blinds and windows wide open–completely undisturbed. The lack of ambient brightness means that in Aspen at […]

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Local’s Secret: Seven Reasons to Visit Aspen this Fall

It’s always sad to see a Colorado summer end, but there’s a golden lining to the onset of shorter days and nights that dip below freezing point. In late September and early October, fall colors peak, and the aspens turn the mountains vibrant with swaths of yellow. Bluebird skies and warm days usually accompany the […]

Ghost Town

Aspen’s History & Heritage: Abridged

Earlier today, a friend asked me what I meant when I said “Aspen’s culture.” Anyone who’s spent even just 48 hours in Aspen can agree that Aspen has a unique culture all its own. That said, it can seem that Aspen’s “culture” is more of a feeling or vibe than a specific specific customs, rituals, […]

Aspen Harvest Festivals

Aspen Regional Harvest Festivals You Can’t Miss

In high-altitude regions like Aspen, the growing season is a short-one. As with mountain climes around the world, farmers bid farewell to summer with festivals celebrating local agriculture and the gathering of the year’s final crops. For locals and visitors, September and October are the time for Western Slope harvest, wine, and cider festivals. Below, […]

Aspen Wildflowers 7

Get a Lil’ Wild- Wildflowers In & Near Aspen

Aspen’s gorgeous sunsets, mountains, rivers and hiking trails are scattered with wildflowers. Some take it for granted that we hold so many species of flora in our backyard playground, but each summer the Limelight team ventures outside and our breaths are taken away. Flowers. Everywhere you look. If you’re not venturing to Aspen this summer, you […]