Minty White Russian with Almond Milk

Minty White Russian with Almond Milk

March is a strange month. While we’re still enjoying skiing and hot toddies, we’re also looking ahead to biking and pool season. Since everyone loves a good cocktail, we thought we’d celebrate this transitional month with a sorta-wintery, sorta-springy recipe: A minty white Russian. This cocktail takes the classic white Russian and puts a spin on […]

Gluten Free Aspen

Places to Get Gluten-free in Aspen

If it seems like more of your friends, family, or coworkers are going gluten free, it is not all in your head. I spoke to my friend Jenni Houston, an Aspen-based functional nutritionist, and we quickly agreed that gluten free diets are not just a trend. As Jenni told me, gluten is a protein found […]

Aspen's Most Over the Top Cocktails

Aspen’s Most Over-the-Top Cocktails

In a town known for imbibing and excess, it’s no surprise that Aspen mixologists have created some seriously over-the-top cocktails. There’s a difference, however, between the ludicrous (Bloody Mary’s piled with a grocery store’s worth of garnishes; slapdash combinations of high-octane booze designed for maximum intoxication) and intelligent (well-balanced proportions and flavors; thoughtful use of […]

48 Hours in Ketchum

48 Hours in Ketchum -A Limelight Itinerary

Road tripping through Ketchum? Spur-of-the-moment weekend getaway? If you only have a short time to play in Ketchum, here is our recommended 48-hour itinerary. Day 1 8:00 am – Chomp, Chomp  If you’re not breakfasting at The Limelight, head on over to Perry’s for a quick, satisfying meal and a cuppa joe. This local’s favorite has […]

Backcountry Skiing Routes near Ketchum

Best Backcountry Skiing Routes in Sun Valley

While Sun Valley is routinely hailed by skiers for Bald Mountain’s superbly kept and remarkably sustained pitches, it is often forgotten that the resort itself is a mere fraction of the winter playground available to those with an affinity for sliding on snow.   For any skier or snowboarder looking to ditch the chairlift and […]

Kid's Day Off Skiing in Aspen

Kid’s Day off Skiing — Things to Do in Aspen

My friends and I joke that nothing gets your body in shape for skiing other than skiing. Whether you trained for a marathon or did hundreds of daily lunges before the lifts started spinning, your legs are bound to be sore after a couple of days on the slopes. The same goes for kids, so […]