48 hours in aspen

48 Hours in Aspen: Must Sees & Dos

You’ve got a weekend free, and you’re spending 48 hours in Aspen. Lucky you. The question is, how do you maximize a short trip in a place that keeps locals occupied year-round? The hardest part of this equation is narrowing your focus. Why are you coming to Aspen, and what’s your main goal? Are you alone, […]

Best Après Ski in Aspen

The Best Après Ski Bars in Aspen – Picks From a Local

Après is an indisputable facet of ski culture. Whether you’re a pro, ski bum, fair-weather fan of groomers, or total grom, everyone loves after-ski playtime. As a kid, we spent our hours after the chairs stopped running, having water fights in the hotel pool, followed by a soak in the hot tub.The best après ski […]

A mountain in Aspen near the Limelight Hotel Aspen, which is used for skiing and ice climbing in the winter.

3 Tips for Ice Climbing in Aspen

Ice is the last thing you want for skiing or riding. But ice doesn’t have to be a four-letter—er, three-letter—word. You know what I mean. Ice can be the gateway to your next epic adventure in Aspen: ice climbing. Who hasn’t seen those cool axes and wanted to go all Wolverine up a frozen waterfall? […]

The Cooper Lounge at Union Station in Denver, Co.

5 Hot Toddies You Gotta Try

I’m generally more intrigued by the idea of hot toddies- with their seductive alpine associations- than I am by the actual beverages. Sure, you can get a hot alcoholic libation outside of a ski town, but let’s face it: Part of the point is the ambiance. Does an Irish Coffee or Hot Buttered Rum really […]

A starlit sky featuring a shooting star over a relaxing night in Aspen

5 Ways to Spend a Lazy Day In and Around Aspen

Even the most hard-charging, ultra-marathoning freaks of nature (Aspen is home to more than a few) need to take the occasional day off to rest and recover. The rest of us are usually better able to unwind, but when you’re paying the big bucks for a ski holiday or season pass, it can be hard […]

People out shopping on the snow-covered streets of Aspen in the winter.

How to Take a Piece of Aspen Home with You

There’s obviously no shortage of places to shop in Aspen. When it comes to souvenirs, however, a generic ski town tchotchke doesn’t always cut it. Whatever you’re looking for- be it a special occasion gift or a memento of your holiday in Aspen, it’s not about how much you spend, but how well you source. From locally-produced […]