LMFAO Second Place

What to Expect at Aspen’s Schneetag

When springtime rolls around in Colorado, that can mean only one thing for skiers and snowboarders: the rapid approach of closing days on their favorite mountains. Yet Aspen Snowmass closes their winter season with style, hosting the annual Schneetag event....

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Cross Country Skiing

The Best Places For Getting Your Nordic On In Aspen

For the uninitiated, Nordic skiing is “any type of skiing that isn’t downhill, aka alpine, skiing. It refers to non-fixed heel sports such as ski jumping, cross-country, skate-skiing, alpine touring (AT), and telemarking. Snowshoeing is a gray area, because it’s...

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Battle of the Bowls Spring Jam

The Low Down on Spring Jam

Spring break conjures images of beaches and clam bakes. However, anyone who has spent time in Aspen can tell you there is truly no better place to spend the seasonal reprieve than at an altitude of 8,000 feet above sea...

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