When to book weddings, events, and more in Aspen

When to Book Weddings, Meetings, Events & More: Aspen

If you’re planning a wedding, business meeting, or holiday vacation, you probably have some questions. How far in advance should you realistically book for popular weekends in Aspen? While the number of hotel options in Snowmass is growing, Aspen has a finite number, so getting those requests in is crucial for sweat-free planning. Here are […]

Easter in Aspen

Where to Spend Your Easter in Aspen

Easter in Aspen is always a bittersweet time of year for locals. Warmer weather, flowers blooming, leaves reappearing on the Aspen trees, and fewer cars parked downtown signal that it is time to start packing up our ski boots and tuning our mountain bikes. I always ski until the very last day of the winter […]

Early Riser in Ketchum

Early Riser? Things to Do in Ketchum Bright & Early

Having been a rower in college, I subscribe to the belief that a person can finish a whole day’s work by 10 am — workout, three square meals, an entire to-do list and a nap – if they are an early riser. If you are one of these people, well, the former rower in me […]

5 Athletes to Watch at the World Cup Skiing Championship

5 Athletes to Watch at the World Cup Skiing Championship

While many folks across the nation may be interested in celebrities walking the red carpet, we here in Aspen are more thrilled by celebrities skiing the slopes. Those celebrities are alpine skiing circuit champs expected to be competing in the FIS World Championship. The event runs from March 15 to 19 right here in town, […]

Backcountry Skiing in Aspen

Best Backcountry Skiing Routes in Aspen Snowmass

Aspen is a backcountry skiing hub. Even our mayor has been working to make Aspen a destination for alpine touring (AT). For those who are new to the sport, alpine touring is when you put adhesive nylon “skins” on your skis enabling you to move uphill. Once you’ve reached the top of your ascent, the […]

Mother’s Day in a Mountain Town – What Could be Better?

Sure, you could get mom another scarf or scented candle for Mother’s Day this year. But let’s be real: what she really wants is to spend some quality time with you! Why not make it count with a mountain getaway? May in the mountains means sweet off-season deals for you and beautiful weather for all […]

ketchum's local breweries

A Guide to Ketchum’s Local Breweries

Mountain resort towns are settings designed for indulgence in adventurous activities. Whether you’re skiing the snows of winter, mountain biking the tacky dirt of spring, or fishing the hatches of summer, you’re probably out, and being active.  However, no day of spent breath and sun exposure should go unrewarded without another indulgence—relaxation, and a refreshed […]