The Inside Scoop on Ketchum’s Jazz in the Park

“Lazy Sunday” is a term you’ll hardly ever hear in Ketchum.   The beckon of the couch and television is out-shouted by the calls of the trails, peaks, and rivers of our valley, even on the day of rest.  While this constant summons for summertime adventure is rarely ignored by locals and visitors alike, even […]

Sunsets in Ketchum

Catch the Sunset in Ketchum

Sunsets are the spectacular finale to a day of triumphs or hardships; a universal permit to relax, reflect upon today and willingly, even eagerly, grasp the inevitable coming-of-tomorrow. Here in the Wood River Valley, we’re always hungry for tomorrow, and today’s reflections usually include reliving a tight turn conquered on a mountain bike, a golf […]

Ice Cream hops in Ketchum

Our Favorite Ice Cream Shops in Ketchum

A friend of mine once described ice cream as simple, frozen joy and I couldn’t agree more. There are few things that outweigh a locally-sourced sugary reward at the end of a jam-packed day. Luckily, Ketchum gives everyone access to this kind of sugary goodness every day, all summer long. So go scratch your itch […]

Maple Pumpkin Trail Mix

Limelight’s Favorite Trail Mix Recipes to Make & Take

Whether you’re in Aspen, Ketchum, or the middle of nowhere, trail mix is just so– right. It’s the perfect food for hiking, biking, you-name-it. Some nuts for protein, some grains for energy, some chocolate… because it tastes delightful. Luckily, Aspen’s Whole Foods has a fantastic selection of nuts, granola, dried fruit, chocolate, etc for you […]