A starlit sky featuring a shooting star over a relaxing night in Aspen

5 Ways to Spend a Lazy Day In and Around Aspen

Even the most hard-charging, ultra-marathoning freaks of nature (Aspen is home to more than a few) need to take the occasional day off to rest and recover. The rest of us are usually better able to unwind, but when you’re paying the big bucks for a ski holiday or season pass, it can be hard […]

People out shopping on the snow-covered streets of Aspen in the winter.

How to Take a Piece of Aspen Home with You

There’s obviously no shortage of places to shop in Aspen. When it comes to souvenirs, however, a generic ski town tchotchke doesn’t always cut it. Whatever you’re looking for- be it a special occasion gift or a memento of your holiday in Aspen, it’s not about how much you spend, but how well you source. From locally-produced […]

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Exploring the Aspen Region’s 10th Mountain Huts

The 10th Mountain Division huts are just one of many reasons I moved to Colorado nearly 20 years ago (never mind the fact I’d never set foot on a piece of Nordic equipment at the time). For most non-residents, the hut system is a relatively little-known piece of U.S. history to visitors. The Aspen-based, non-profit […]

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The Joys of Dog-Friendly Aspen

If you’re a dog person, then it’s a given that your pooch isn’t a pet so much as family member. Animal lovers implicitly understand this stuff. One of the best things about ski towns is that they’re so dog-friendly: Canines are allowed into many hotels, shops and bars, and welcomed on restaurant patios. I’ve seen dogs (full-sized […]

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How to Avoid Being a Gaper…Even if You Are One.

I clearly recall the first time I heard the term “gaper.” I was visiting my teenaged nephew, who resides in Lake Tahoe, and he was regaling me with stories about his day. At the time, he was on the Squaw Valley Ski Team, and as a longtime Tahoe grom, he had (and retains) little patience […]