Floating in Aspen

Aspen Afloat: The Best Ways to Experience Local River Culture, Minus the Rapids

The Roaring Fork Valley is a region of hardcore whitewater enthusiasts, myself among them. And while the paddling community is always sad to see the water levels drop from full-bore hydraulics to mid-summer riffles, wave trains, and stretches of flat, there’s something to be said about a float trip. If you’re looking to experience Aspen’s […]

Aspen's Grottos Trail

Exploring Aspen’s Grottos Trail

If you live someplace like Aspen, it’s a serious undertaking to hike all of the region’s trails. Conversely, some of the shortest excursions might get short shrift- dismissed as tourist traps or too brief to count as actual hikes. I confess that until recently, I’d never visited Aspen’s famed Grottos Trail for both of the […]

Aspen & Buttermilk mountain view

Aspen’s Best Day Hike – Buttermilk Mountain

If you’re in Aspen for a summer visit, the sheer number of outdoor activities can feel daunting. Golf, whitewater rafting, gondola rides, mountain biking, concerts, theatre, yoga festivals, hikes, and many others that I have overlooked. One of my favorite things about Aspen, though, is there is time to fit One of my favorite things […]

Dog Hiking in Aspen

The Best Dog-Friendly Hikes Around Aspen

Canines rule in ski/mountain towns, and Aspen is no exception. If you’re visiting, you’ll find that clean, well-behaved dogs are welcome in many businesses, including hotels like the Limelight and sister property The Little Nell. There are literally dozens of dog-friendly hikes in the Aspen area, and I’ve highlighted some of my faves in this […]

apres hiking in aspen

Après Hiking in Aspen

As the ski mountains shut down, Aspen locals are ready to get back into hiking shape. Many locals (from kids to grandparents) plan annual hikes between Aspen and Crested Butte, an 11+ mile jaunt that also features 3,200 feet in elevation gain. So, yes, hiking shape is important around here! Favorite Hikes Favorite day hikes […]

Summer Packing List for Aspen

What to Pack for a Summer Visit to Aspen

Packing for a trip to the mountains necessitates careful planning, no matter what the season. Whether you’re an outdoor warrior or a sedentary sightseer, a summer visit to Aspen requires specific items to provide protection from the high-altitude sun (and rain, wind, or even snow….you can never be certain what the skies will bring on […]

Fly fishing in Aspen

Where to Fly Fish in Aspen- Limelight’s Picks

Author and fly fishing enthusiast John D. Voelker (better known by his pen name, Robert Traver) once said, “The best time to go fishing is when you can get away.” Anytime you can escape the hustle and bustle of your daily routine, you should grab that opportunity with both hands and not let go. If […]

Aspen Wildflowers 7

Get a Lil’ Wild- Wildflowers In & Near Aspen

Aspen’s gorgeous sunsets, mountains, rivers and hiking trails are scattered with wildflowers. Some take it for granted that we hold so many species of flora in our backyard playground, but each summer the Limelight team ventures outside and our breaths are taken away. Flowers. Everywhere you look. If you’re not venturing to Aspen this summer, you […]

Seeking Solitude in Aspen

Aspen’s Top 5 Spots for Solitude Seekers

According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of solitude is “the quality or state of being alone or remote from society.” I’d wager that few people visit a ski town like Aspen to achieve said state, but certainly I’m not alone in longing for the occasional respite from summer crowds. Barring a trip to the backcountry, which […]


Top 5 Family Camping Locations in & Near Aspen

If you are aching to get away from it all and enjoy the pine covered splendor of the Aspen outdoors, camping may be just the thing you need to satisfy your soul.  Camping offers rewarding and educational family experiences unlike those experienced anywhere else. In a setting like Colorado, you expect outstanding outdoor recreational offerings, […]

Chill out in Aspen this Summer

Aspen’s Best Places to Chill Out This Summer

Despite Colorado’s notoriously fickle summer weather, we still average 300-plus days of sun a year. Summer in Aspen generally means temps in the upper 70s to low 80s, not counting monsoonal deluges, but the altitude somehow makes it seem hotter. After you work up a sweat hiking, biking, or indulging in the multitude of other […]

Crested Butte

This Crested Butte Hike Experience Kicks Butte

If you’re driving, the trip from our front door on Monarch Street in Aspen to the newly-remodeled Nordic Inn in beautiful Crested Butte, Colorado is 176 miles long and would take a little over three and a half hours to complete. Or you could save some gas, get some views, and hike from Aspen to […]