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6 Tips from an Aspen Wedding Veteran

I can safely call myself a wedding expert. I’ve attended countless weddings as a guest. I’ve been in a few as a bridesmaid. I stood alongside my grandfather when he performed my cousin’s wedding and read a passage from First Corinthians. I even worked as a wedding planner’s assistant. Weddings in Aspen are in a […]

10th Mountain Whiskey

Five Colorado Distilleries to Check Out this Summer

Colorado may be a beer-drinking state at heart, but we’ve got whiskey on the brain. Maybe it’s our mining heritage that gave us a taste for the hard stuff, but whatever the reason, Colorado is a contender for the craft spirits revolution, with 50 distilleries and counting. Note that not all distilleries actually make their […]

Disc Golfing in Aspen

Disc Golf at the Highest Course in the World (and Kiss the Sky)

Money can’t buy happiness, but a Birdie sure can. Known as frolf, folf, disc golf or frisbee golf, the first documented instance of someone playing disc golf took place in Bladworth, Saskatchewan, Canada in 1926. Eighty-nine years later, disc golfing is alive and well in Aspen, and among locals and visitors’ favorite outdoor recreation. Disc golf enthusiasts […]

Aspen Horseback Riding

3 Tips for Stress-Free Horseback Riding in Aspen

Feeling a little tired from all that hiking? It’s time to saddle up and get in touch with Aspen’s Western roots. Just think: All that amazing scenery while your horse does the work. You can ride up Independence Pass like the original silver miners: Independence Pass Outfitting Company. Or try something the old-timers didn’t have—a […]

Two people at a scenic overlook while hiking near Aspen.

5 Best Aspen Adventure Hikes

Words don’t do justice to the beauty around Aspen. The Elk Mountain Range is loaded with life-list trails, views, passes and peaks. You’ve got to see them for yourself. Hikers can find every level of trail, but this list if for the adventurous. Here are the 5 best Aspen adventure hikes. 5. Cathedral Lake Distance: […]

Best bike rides in Aspen

5 Best Bike Rides in Aspen

Aspen is a cyclist’s dream. Think it coincidence that America’s premier cycling race, the USA Pro Challenge, is kicking off in Aspen for the second straight year? Or that Lance Armstrong owns a house in town? Here are the 5 best bike rides in Aspen, with a ride for every style of cyclist.   Road […]

so long sweet summer

So Long Sweet Summer 2014

Ah, summer. Such a bittersweet goodbye. Snow is dusting the peaks, and we’ll will soon be reveling in the steeps and deeps. It’s been an amazing summer in Aspen! We’re going to miss those hot days and warm nights—with just enough nip in the air to keep the puffy on standby … bluebird skies over […]

Shoulder season in aspen

Shoulder Season in Aspen – Activities to Do Now

It’s officially shoulder season in Aspen, which to the uninitiated means you have the fall foliage and idyllic Indian summer days (global warming notwithstanding) to yourself. It is, therefore, the ideal time to visit, especially because you can avail yourself of great deals, from the Limelight packages, to local restaurant, bar, and outdoor activity specials. […]

hanging lake

Stunning Waterfall Hikes Near Aspen

There’s good reason waterfalls are always included on sound machines and relaxation soundtracks—the sound of falling water is good for the soul. The sight of it is even better. You can lift your body and spirit with a hike to these waterfalls near Aspen. The Grottos The Grottos is a popular and unique spot 9 […]

5 Colorado Beers to Try this Summer

Rising summer temps mean it’s time to hit the patios of Aspen—or the rooftop terraces of the Limelight—for some lighter, refreshing seasonal microbrews. Colorado is loaded with worthy options: don’t miss the opportunity to join some of Colorado’s best craft brewers at one of the  Limelight’s three-course Beer Dinners. In the meantime, here are 5 […]