Aspen's Most Over the Top Cocktails

Aspen’s Most Over-the-Top Cocktails

In a town known for imbibing and excess, it’s no surprise that Aspen mixologists have created some seriously over-the-top cocktails. There’s a difference, however, between the ludicrous (Bloody Mary’s piled with a grocery store’s worth of garnishes; slapdash combinations of high-octane booze designed for maximum intoxication) and intelligent (well-balanced proportions and flavors; thoughtful use of […]

laid-back New Year’s Eve in Aspen

How to have a laid-back New Year’s Eve in Aspen

Let’s be honest. This was a brutal year for America, and it’s time for a fresh start. If politics and other events have left you too over it to usher in the New Year like a rock star, you’ve come to the right place. Yes, Virginia, you can have a laid-back New Year’s Eve. Here’s […]

Changing leaf colors during Thanksgiving season in Aspen.

Why You Should Spend Thanksgiving in Aspen

In ski town vernacular, “Thanksgiving” is synonymous with “opening day.” Even if Mother Nature needs an assist in the form of snow-making, most major Colorado resorts kick off ski season by starting operations on Thanksgiving Day. As a longtime food industry professional and ski town veteran, I bid farewell to celebrating holidays in 1995, when […]

Floating in Aspen

Aspen Afloat: The Best Ways to Experience Local River Culture, Minus the Rapids

The Roaring Fork Valley is a region of hardcore whitewater enthusiasts, myself among them. And while the paddling community is always sad to see the water levels drop from full-bore hydraulics to mid-summer riffles, wave trains, and stretches of flat, there’s something to be said about a float trip. If you’re looking to experience Aspen’s […]

Aspen's Grottos Trail

Exploring Aspen’s Grottos Trail

If you live someplace like Aspen, it’s a serious undertaking to hike all of the region’s trails. Conversely, some of the shortest excursions might get short shrift- dismissed as tourist traps or too brief to count as actual hikes. I confess that until recently, I’d never visited Aspen’s famed Grottos Trail for both of the […]

Dog Hiking in Aspen

The Best Dog-Friendly Hikes Around Aspen

Canines rule in ski/mountain towns, and Aspen is no exception. If you’re visiting, you’ll find that clean, well-behaved dogs are welcome in many businesses, including hotels like the Limelight and sister property The Little Nell. There are literally dozens of dog-friendly hikes in the Aspen area, and I’ve highlighted some of my faves in this […]

Summer Packing List for Aspen

What to Pack for a Summer Visit to Aspen

Packing for a trip to the mountains necessitates careful planning, no matter what the season. Whether you’re an outdoor warrior or a sedentary sightseer, a summer visit to Aspen requires specific items to provide protection from the high-altitude sun (and rain, wind, or even snow….you can never be certain what the skies will bring on […]

pizza in aspen

Best Pizza in Aspen – Where to Get Your Fix

Ski towns simply don’t have a shortage of pizza. Between après, late night revelry, and the need for on-the-go lunches (all the better to get you back to your outdoor recreational pursuit of choice), a slice is never more than a few minutes’ walk, stumble, or schuss away. Aspen is no exception, with everything from […]

Cross Country Skiing

The Best Places For Getting Your Nordic On In Aspen

For the uninitiated, Nordic skiing is “any type of skiing that isn’t downhill, aka alpine, skiing. It refers to non-fixed heel sports such as ski jumping, cross-country, skate-skiing, alpine touring (AT), and telemarking. Snowshoeing is a gray area, because it’s not skiing, but it is considered a Nordic sport,” says Chris Frado Executive Director/President of […]

Romantic Spots in Aspen

The Five Most Romantic Spots in Aspen

Aspen has a rep for extreme sports and nightlife, but we also embrace our soft side. Whether you’re on a first date or a 50th anniversary getaway, the following places are seriously romantical. Check out our top spots below. Element 47 bar, The Little Nell It’s all about nabbing seats at the two-tops along the wall; […]

Aspen X Games

5 Reasons You Should Attend the X Games in Aspen

Aspen is in the final stages of preparation to host its 15th X Games. The Superpipe at Buttermilk- site of the actual competition and many related events- is being buffed out; the scaffolding is up. Hotels valleywide are booked out (laggers should check out AirBnB and for last minute crash pads), and bars are […]

Snowshoeing in Aspen

Top Snowshoeing Trails in Aspen, Colorado

If you’re not a skier or short on budget, don’t worry, there’s still something for everyone in Aspen. Outdoor enthusiasts looking to feel the burn should give snowshoeing a try. If you can walk, you can snowshoe. The popular winter sport has zero learning curve and can be as easy as a contemplative walk or as […]