Hot Springs Near Sun Valley- Ketchum

Hot Springs Near Sun Valley and Ketchum, Idaho

So, you’ve come off of your fall mountain bike ride and you’re headed home to wash off the grime. The shower just doesn’t seem luxurious or healing enough to meet your needs.  Fret not, Idaho has you covered. Several million years ago, Idaho sat on top of what we now call the Yellowstone Caldera (currently […]

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could do In Ketchum

Here is something you most likely did not know about Ketchum: this precious town didn’t get its start as a ski and tourist destination. No, no…Ketchum was originally a booming mining town. Although beaver trappers had initially scoped the valley in the 1820s (which resulted in a less than fruitful bounty), it wasn’t until the […]

healthy eats in sun valley

5 Healthy Eats in Sun Valley

As the summer season comes to a close in Sun Valley, you’ll notice the traffic in town slow down, the trails open up, and the hills become bright with the palate of fall colors. Folks will start gearing up for the winter season, fine-tuning their quad strength for top-to-bottom runs down Warm Springs, skinning up […]

Yoga Classes in Ketchum

Our Favorite Drop-in Yoga Classes in Sun Valley

The yoga community in the Wood River Valley is strong. There is yoga in the park, yoga at the YMCA, and yoga at the Sawtooth Gathering in Stanley (Yogatooth). There are people who #yogaeverydamnday and people who go a few times a week to relax, rejuvenate, work out, and/or get their routine stretch on. Here […]

best brunch in ketchum

Best Brunch Spots in Ketchum

Food is something that Ketchum does not mess around with. We do like the Hobbits do – breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, and supper. In line with American tradition, we do call second breakfast and elevenses ‘Brunch.’ Without further ado, please adorn your stretchy pants and get ready for your mid-morning meal. […]

Ice Cream hops in Ketchum

Our Favorite Ice Cream Shops in Ketchum

A friend of mine once described ice cream as simple, frozen joy and I couldn’t agree more. There are few things that outweigh a locally-sourced sugary reward at the end of a jam-packed day. Luckily, Ketchum gives everyone access to this kind of sugary goodness every day, all summer long. So go scratch your itch […]

Idaho Beers to Try

Local Idaho Beer You Gotta Try

Hunter S. Thompson wrote in his famously debaucherous and roman á clef novel, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, that “Good people drink good beer.” We couldn’t agree more. Feast your eyes here (and your taste buds later) with this list of microbrews available in Ketchum. Sawtooth Brewery The Sawtooth Brewery is new on the […]

Summer in Ketchum

10 Reasons Why the Limelight Loves Ketchum

The Limelight Hotel is coming to Ketchum! We’ve been constructing for almost a year now, and we know that residents are excited to see our crane replaced with a warm lounge. Your wait is almost over. Here are ten things we love about our newest home in Ketchum, Idaho. Grit and Glam If you’ve been […]