48 Hours in Ketchum

48 Hours in Ketchum -A Limelight Itinerary

Road tripping through Ketchum? Spur-of-the-moment weekend getaway? If you only have a short time to play in Ketchum, here is our recommended 48-hour itinerary. Day 1 8:00 am – Chomp, Chomp  If you’re not breakfasting at The Limelight, head on over...

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Locally Made Snacks to Pack (Ketchum Edition)

When I told people growing up that I was from Idaho, the most common reaction was “Oh, potatoes, huh?” Well, yeah, potatoes…but a LOT of other delicious foods. Idaho produces 33% of the United States’ potato crop, 52% of the...

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shopping in ketchum

Shop Like a Local in Ketchum, ID

So, you wanna do as the locals do? Here is a quick, go-to guide for everything you might, or might not need (but could justify buying anyway) in Ketchum. Clothing The Board Bin The Board Bin has outfitted the snowboard...

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5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could do In Ketchum

Here is something you most likely did not know about Ketchum: this precious town didn’t get its start as a ski and tourist destination. No, no…Ketchum was originally a booming mining town. Although beaver trappers had initially scoped the valley...

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healthy eats in sun valley

5 Healthy Eats in Sun Valley

As the summer season comes to a close in Sun Valley, you’ll notice the traffic in town slow down, the trails open up, and the hills become bright with the palate of fall colors. Folks will start gearing up for...

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