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The Top 5 Restaurant/Bar Patios In Aspen

In ski town hierarchy, not all restaurant/bar patios are created equal. You’ve got your patios with a primo view, brewery patios, baller après patios, and patios where you can get amaze cocktails or food made with local ingredients. Thus, where you have an outside seat in Aspen depends upon who you’re with, your bank account, […]

Sunshine & Sangria: My Aspencentric Escape

I have to confess: I was late to the sangria party. Not, like, late to an actual party; I’m very punctual. Late as in, I hadn’t even heard of sangria until I was 25 years old and in grad school. I went to college in a rural community in upstate New York and so I […]

Limelight S'mores Pack

S’mores at the Limelight: Not Just for Kids

While the snow is melting and skiing season rapidly comes to a close, summer is just around the corner. Even though many flock to beaches for the season, there’s no better summer vacation locale than Aspen, Colorado. The warm summer days and cool nights create a truly one of a kind experience ages 2 to […]

Three forks on display to represent dining at the Limelight Hotel Aspen.

5 Great Family-Friendly Restaurants in Aspen

Eating out with your family means juggling more appetites, taste buds, attention spans and mouths to feed. But whether your kids are picky chicken-nugget-purists or adventurous budding foodies, Aspen’s got you covered. Start with these five great family-friendly Aspen restaurants. CP Burger Fast food Aspen style. Burgers and dogs are staples, or add grilled tuna […]

Best Après Ski in Aspen

The Best Après Ski Bars in Aspen – Picks From a Local

Après is an indisputable facet of ski culture. Whether you’re a pro, ski bum, fair-weather fan of groomers, or total grom, everyone loves after-ski playtime. As a kid, we spent our hours after the chairs stopped running, having water fights in the hotel pool, followed by a soak in the hot tub.The best après ski […]

The Cooper Lounge at Union Station in Denver, Co.

5 Hot Toddies You Gotta Try

I’m generally more intrigued by the idea of hot toddies- with their seductive alpine associations- than I am by the actual beverages. Sure, you can get a hot alcoholic libation outside of a ski town, but let’s face it: Part of the point is the ambiance. Does an Irish Coffee or Hot Buttered Rum really […]

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5 Colorado Beers You Gotta Try This Winter

It’s never a bad time to drink beer in Colorado, even when there’s a blizzard raging. With over 200 craft breweries and counting statewide, there’s no shortage of seasonal beers, either. The following are some of my favorite winter beers, thanks to their various spicy, fruity, or warming qualities. Happy holidays, no Champagne required. Ol’ […]

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5 Colorado Beers You Gotta Try this Fall

I’m fond of saying there’s a tap in every town in Colorado, and with over 200 craft breweries and counting statewide, it seems I’m not far off the mark. Colorado beer has become synonymous with excellence over the last two decades (few things are more conducive to a cold one than a day on the […]


Distinctive Colorado Cuisine and Where to Get It

My friend Bill is an executive chef at Beano’s Cabin in Beaver Creek. Recently, I spent a day helping him forage various wildfoods for his restaurant. As we skulked around in the forest looking for porcini and huckleberries, I asked what inspired him to feature foraged foods on his menu. “There’s no identity to Colorado cuisine other […]


Colorado Foods: Sweet in Summertime

Summer comes late to the Rockies, which is both a blessing and a curse from a food-lover’s standpoint. In the Aspen region, we have to wait a bit longer for stonefruit like peaches and cherries, but the payoff is so sweet and luscious, it’s garnered national renown. With summer produce now at its peak, I […]