A mountain in Aspen near the Limelight Hotel Aspen, which is used for skiing and ice climbing in the winter.

3 Tips for Ice Climbing in Aspen

Ice is the last thing you want for skiing or riding. But ice doesn’t have to be a four-letter—er, three-letter—word. You know what I mean. Ice can be the gateway to your next epic adventure in Aspen: ice climbing. Who hasn’t seen those cool axes and wanted to go all Wolverine up a frozen waterfall? […]

The Cooper Lounge at Union Station in Denver, Co.

5 Hot Toddies You Gotta Try

I’m generally more intrigued by the idea of hot toddies- with their seductive alpine associations- than I am by the actual beverages. Sure, you can get a hot alcoholic libation outside of a ski town, but let’s face it: Part of the point is the ambiance. Does an Irish Coffee or Hot Buttered Rum really […]

A starlit sky featuring a shooting star over a relaxing night in Aspen

5 Ways to Spend a Lazy Day In and Around Aspen

Even the most hard-charging, ultra-marathoning freaks of nature (Aspen is home to more than a few) need to take the occasional day off to rest and recover. The rest of us are usually better able to unwind, but when you’re paying the big bucks for a ski holiday or season pass, it can be hard […]

People out shopping on the snow-covered streets of Aspen in the winter.

How to Take a Piece of Aspen Home with You

There’s obviously no shortage of places to shop in Aspen. When it comes to souvenirs, however, a generic ski town tchotchke doesn’t always cut it. Whatever you’re looking for- be it a special occasion gift or a memento of your holiday in Aspen, it’s not about how much you spend, but how well you source. From locally-produced […]

aspen holiday

15 Things to Do in Aspen This Winter Holiday

For those looking to celebrate the holidays in style, few better options exist than a ski town. If your idea of festivity includes hitting the slopes followed by fireside hot toddies, it’s impossible to resist the allure of fairy light-festooned trees and Victorian homes, snowy streets, and the ongoing festive vibe. Sure, Aspen has plenty […]

a pair of blue ski boots securely fastened to the skis.

How To Pack & Prepare For Your First Ski Trip

Are you about to take your first ski vacation? Rest assured, you’re going to have a blast on the slopes, but before you leave, it’s important to know exactly what to bring, how to dress, and how to take care of your health. Here are our top tips for your first ski trip: Get in […]

Shoulder season in aspen

Aspen in November: Events, Activities and More

November is the final countdown to ski season. It’s a little bit fall, a little bit winter. Flurries will fly on and off in the valley. The peaks are putting on their puffies in shades of blanca. And snow season officially launches at the end of the month. Oh, sweet, snowy bliss! But there’s plenty […]

limelight beer

5 Colorado Beers You Gotta Try This Winter

It’s never a bad time to drink beer in Colorado, even when there’s a blizzard raging. With over 200 craft breweries and counting statewide, there’s no shortage of seasonal beers, either. The following are some of my favorite winter beers, thanks to their various spicy, fruity, or warming qualities. Happy holidays, no Champagne required. Ol’ […]

hut trip winter

Exploring the Aspen Region’s 10th Mountain Huts

The 10th Mountain Division huts are just one of many reasons I moved to Colorado nearly 20 years ago (never mind the fact I’d never set foot on a piece of Nordic equipment at the time). For most non-residents, the hut system is a relatively little-known piece of U.S. history to visitors. The Aspen-based, non-profit […]

People fat-biking through downtown Aspen near the Limelight Hotel Aspen.

Fat-Biking in Aspen

Fat-biking is a big fat deal. And when you see the big rigs rolling around the snow in Aspen, you’re gonna want to try it. If you’re any kind of mountain biker, you know the skinny on fatbikes: Those 4- to 5-inch wide tires give stability and traction. Their extremely low air pressure serves as […]

What to do in Aspen this Halloween

What are you gonna be for Halloween? More importantly, Where are you gonna be for Halloween? The answer should be Aspen. Here’s what’s going on in Aspen to make your Halloween spooky-fun. We’ll leave the costume up to you. Take a walk on the dark side Dean’s Aspen Walking Tours will lead you through the […]

Skiers around the Cliffhouse Restaurant on Buttermilk Mountain in Aspen.

Get the Download on Buttermilk Mountain

Buttermilk is Aspen’s Homecoming Queen. Everybody loves her. She’s hot and sweet and goodhearted too. She runs with the sickest shredders as host of the X Games, but her wide open groomers are kisses blown to the rest of us. Even the gapiest of gapers harbors dreams that he just might land big air in […]