Where to Fly Fish in Sun Valley

Where to Fly-fish in Sun Valley

The precipitation delivered to the Sun Valley — Ketchum area consists of some profoundly lucky water molecules. Fluttering from the heavens in their snow-born phase, they arrive on pristine mountains and have the fortune of creating some of the best ski runs on the planet. As they morph into their liquid phase in the growing […]

ketchum's local breweries

A Guide to Ketchum’s Local Breweries

Mountain resort towns are settings designed for indulgence in adventurous activities. Whether you’re skiing the snows of winter, mountain biking the tacky dirt of spring, or fishing the hatches of summer, you’re probably out, and being active.  However, no day of spent breath and sun exposure should go unrewarded without another indulgence—relaxation, and a refreshed […]

Backcountry Skiing Routes near Ketchum

Best Backcountry Skiing Routes in Sun Valley

While Sun Valley is routinely hailed by skiers for Bald Mountain’s superbly kept and remarkably sustained pitches, it is often forgotten that the resort itself is a mere fraction of the winter playground available to those with an affinity for sliding on snow.   For any skier or snowboarder looking to ditch the chairlift and […]

Best of Bald mountain blue runs

Best of Bald Mountain – Blue Runs

Favorite blue runs on baldy Sun Valley Ski Resort dawns its patterned apron of ski trails draped over Bald Mountain, snugged right up to the town of Ketchum. “Baldy”, as it is affectionately referred to by locals, boasts some of the very best intermediate “Blue” runs of any ski hill in the country, and it’s […]

Sun Valley on-mountain Dining Guide

Sun Valley On-mountain Dining Guide

While ski vacations are undoubtedly amongst the best of vacations, the logistics involved in the trip can be daunting.  Because of the physically demanding nature of sliding down a mountain, calorie consumption is of the utmost importance, and is thus a logistic that simply cannot be neglected.  But keeping yourself well fed at a ski […]

Après ski in ketchum

Our Favorite Après ski in Ketchum

A “ski vacation”, for most folks, is not merely the act of skiing while on vacation, but rather, a theraputic delve into the romantics of the “skiing lifestyle”.  Consequently, it behooves the visiting skier to explore every aspect of the typical routine amongst the town’s locals.  Do so, and soon you will find that “Après Skiing” […]

best Fall hikes in ketchum

Best Fall Hikes in Ketchum, ID

As the hasty buzz of summer season winds down here in the Wood River Valley, cool air fills the vacant voids where amicable crowds of visitors once walked, bustling the streets and trails around Ketchum.  The suddenly mellow atmosphere is inviting and warm as ever, despite the crisper temperatures.  Flip flops get stored in winter […]

Shoulder season in Ketchum

Things to Do During Shoulder Season in Ketchum

Mountain resort towns are defined by two seasons—Summer and Winter.  Endless sunshine and wildflowers of July and August beckon those seeking reprieve from their metropolises, while the snows of the darker months quicken the hearts of ski-inclined adventurers. The communities teem with life amidst a full schedule of events and activities, filling restaurants, bars, concerts halls, […]

Summer Strolling in Ketchum

Summer Strolling: An Afternoon in Downtown Ketchum

In Ketchum, it’s easy to get caught up in the myriad of outdoor activities available in the surrounding public lands.  But some days, it’s better to stay put.  Fortunately, the town itself exudes a bustling, yet pleasantly relaxed air that will charm the lungs and spirit of anyone out for a stroll, deeming a “down […]


The Inside Scoop on Ketchum’s Jazz in the Park

“Lazy Sunday” is a term you’ll hardly ever hear in Ketchum.   The beckon of the couch and television is out-shouted by the calls of the trails, peaks, and rivers of our valley, even on the day of rest.  While this constant summons for summertime adventure is rarely ignored by locals and visitors alike, even […]

Sunsets in Ketchum

Catch the Sunset in Ketchum

Sunsets are the spectacular finale to a day of triumphs or hardships; a universal permit to relax, reflect upon today and willingly, even eagerly, grasp the inevitable coming-of-tomorrow. Here in the Wood River Valley, we’re always hungry for tomorrow, and today’s reflections usually include reliving a tight turn conquered on a mountain bike, a golf […]

Places to Get Your Spud on in Ketchum

Best Places to Get Your Spud on in Ketchum

“Where do you live?” “Idaho.” “Ohh—Potatoes!” “…Yeah…potatoes.” When most people think of Idaho—the Gem State—they don’t think of our abundance of elegant stones.  Nor do they imagine rugged snow-capped peaks, towering above pristine rivers.  They don’t consider the herds of bugling elk, the willing trout of the waters, or the endless networks of hiking and […]