Desert Ducks and other Feathered Features

A narrow slice of sunshine beamed through the dust-baked window of my camper shell and gently coaxed me awake.  I had been driving through darkness from my midwest motherland of Minnesota, slamming energy drinks and blaring music from broken speakers....

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Places to Get Your Spud on in Ketchum

Best Places to Get Your Spud on in Ketchum

“Where do you live?” “Idaho.” “Ohh—Potatoes!” “…Yeah…potatoes.” When most people think of Idaho—the Gem State—they don’t think of our abundance of elegant stones.  Nor do they imagine rugged snow-capped peaks, towering above pristine rivers.  They don’t consider the herds of...

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bike path

Cruising the Wood River Trail System

The Western United States is speckled with communities nestled in gorgeous mountain valleys, but too often visitors find themselves taking in the sights in a blur through a car window as they hustle around the towns.  Here in the Wood...

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