Where to Fly Fish in Sun Valley

Where to Fly-fish in Sun Valley

The precipitation delivered to the Sun Valley — Ketchum area consists of some profoundly lucky water molecules. Fluttering from the heavens in their snow-born phase, they arrive on pristine mountains and have the fortune of creating some of the best ski runs on the planet. As they morph into their liquid phase in the growing […]

best Fall hikes in ketchum

Best Fall Hikes in Ketchum, ID

As the hasty buzz of summer season winds down here in the Wood River Valley, cool air fills the vacant voids where amicable crowds of visitors once walked, bustling the streets and trails around Ketchum.  The suddenly mellow atmosphere is inviting and warm as ever, despite the crisper temperatures.  Flip flops get stored in winter […]

Summer Strolling in Ketchum

Summer Strolling: An Afternoon in Downtown Ketchum

In Ketchum, it’s easy to get caught up in the myriad of outdoor activities available in the surrounding public lands.  But some days, it’s better to stay put.  Fortunately, the town itself exudes a bustling, yet pleasantly relaxed air that will charm the lungs and spirit of anyone out for a stroll, deeming a “down […]

Sunsets in Ketchum

Catch the Sunset in Ketchum

Sunsets are the spectacular finale to a day of triumphs or hardships; a universal permit to relax, reflect upon today and willingly, even eagerly, grasp the inevitable coming-of-tomorrow. Here in the Wood River Valley, we’re always hungry for tomorrow, and today’s reflections usually include reliving a tight turn conquered on a mountain bike, a golf […]

bike path

Cruising the Wood River Trail System

The Western United States is speckled with communities nestled in gorgeous mountain valleys, but too often visitors find themselves taking in the sights in a blur through a car window as they hustle around the towns.  Here in the Wood River Valley of Central Idaho, we prefer the wind in our hair and enjoy our journeys […]