You scour the hiking trails apps, book your hotel for the weekend, and even invest in hiking shoes. You are ready! Almost.

Here are things to pack for a day hike– to make it perfect and enjoyable.

Proper Clothes

This isn’t so much what to pack, but what to wear. Let’s start from the bottom and work our way up.

Hiking shoes and moisture-wicking socks – Pick up a pair of hiking socks from SmartWool, a Colorado brand out of Steamboat Springs. If you don’t have hiking shoes, tennis shoes will work, but make sure they have sole traction.

Shorts or pants – Depending on your hike, you might want longer pants to protect your legs.

Shirt – Grab a moisture wicking shirt, like those from VROOMI or Corbeaux (both Colorado brands). These will keep you warm in the early morning and cool in the afternoon.

Extra Layer – It’s never a bad idea to bring an additional layer with you on a day hike. Whether this is a warm fleece or light rain jacket, you’ll be prepared for all the elements.

Check out these local Colorado brands for some of the best gear you can get.


Snacks, yum! Some of our favorites include:


Well, duh! You’ll surely need some water on your day hike. We love hydration bladders like Camelbaks, but any brand will do. If you don’t have a hydration bladder, you might not be able to take as much water as you want. Therefore, consider taking some electrolyte capsules to add to your water.

Eye Protection

Either sunglasses or a hat will do the trick.


Apply it and apply it often, especially for hikes in Colorado.

First Aid

If you hike frequently, invest in a travel-sized first aid kit, like this one ($13). You’ll have it for years and it will keep your cuts and scrapes clean. If you don’t have a first aid kit, pack a few band-aids in your pocket.

Optional Things to Pack for a Day Hike

  • Bug Spray
  • Camera
  • Solar-powered chargers
  • A beer
  • A blanket
  • Bandanna (so many uses)

We love hiking around Aspen and Ketchum, but we know there are countless trails throughout the US. Packing the above things will ensure that you stay healthy, hydrated, and in good spirits for the whole day.

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