We’ve written about the best bars in Aspen before, but every few years, new places pop up, old places shutter, and the list needs revamping. To prepare everyone for winter 2017/2018, we’ve decided to share our favorite bars around town, whether you’re low-key, high maintenance, or somewhere in between.

Here are the best bars in Aspen this winter.

Hooch Cocktail Bar

Located underneath Meat & Cheese on the north side of town, this low-lit, couch-stuffed basement is perfectly warm and chill.

They update their cocktail menu seasonally but expect bold creations of classic favorites, plus a few to surprise. Their beer menu ranges from 90 Shilling to Delirium Tremens. You can order meat and cheese plates from upstairs or keep it simple with freshly baked bread.

We love to go to Hooch for their savory vodka and gin-based cocktails.  Check out their site and menu here.


If you want a relaxed and local bar, go to Jimmy’s, located two floors up from Hooch. Jimmy’s is typically packed with happy people discussing that day’s turns and next weekend’s plans.

New to 2016, Jimmy’s added a “Turning Japanese” section of their drink menu, inspired by their trip that year. Included on this is “Morning Droplets of Dew on Frozen Grapes” (sake, gin, yuzu dry, and bianco vermouths) and Japanese whisky.

We recommend the Azumi HaiBall.

HOPS Culture

If you want beer, head to HOPS. They offer 200+ bottles and plenty drafts in their modern basement digs. HOPS also has delicious bar food, great for soaking up any extra alcohol and putting you right to bed.

Ajax Tavern

Ajax Tavern enjoys its debauchery earlier than most bars– around 3PM to be exact. At the base of Aspen Mountain, this is the best bar in Aspen after your legs tire from skiing. If you’re there on a busy Saturday, expect live music, champagne popping, and new friends.

For the true Aspen experience, order a round of truffle fries and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot for the table.

Mi Chola

For chips, guac, and margs, go to Mi Chola. This sleek place starts restaurant and quickly turns bar in the later hours. With 100+ kinds of tequila, just ask your server for a rec. To give you an idea, you can order a $8 shot of Milagro or a $69 shot of Clase Azul Anejo – and a few in between. Don’t forget the salt.

Other Great Bars/Lounges

Other bars in Aspen that you can’t go wrong with include The Red Onion, Eric’s Bar, Zane’s, and the Lounge, located in the lobby of The Limelight. All of the above offer bomb happy hour deals, solid food choices, and a casual vibe that’s perfect for a chill evening.

The best bars in Aspen all have one piece of advice for visitors– hydrate with water (and electrolytes) and cure your hangover with a morning gondola ride up Aspen Mountain.