There’s nothing quite as romantic as bundling up for a beautiful winter walk with the love of your life in Sun Valley (especially if it’s snowing). There are great photo opportunities– like the iconic red Sun Valley barn on Sun Valley Road, the base of Penny Hill, or the ice at the skating rink. There’s also a number of romantic eateries in Sun Valley with a bottle of wine waiting for you on the table. Here’s a quick list of the most romantic restaurants in Sun Valley.


Vintage Restaurant is housed in a quaint, refurbished cabin in the center of Ketchum. The chef, Jeff Keys and his wife, Sheila, delight in preparing simple yet elegant meals that use seasonal ingredients grown or harvested close to home. Everything is made in-house, and the menu changes daily. Vintage is perfect for an anniversary dinner or another special occasion. Because of its size and popularity, please be sure to book a reservation ahead of time.

Michel’s Christiania

Michel’s Christiania is one of Ketchum’s prized restaurants that honors the town’s skiing history and offers French cuisine. Since 1994, owner and chef, Michel Rudigoz has been treating guests to an upscale dining experience with friendly staff, a substantial wine list, and quality food. The restaurant’s atmosphere caters well to a romantic dinner where you and your loved one can slip into your own world and enjoy the evening.


Globus has been a beloved dining establishment in Sun Valley for years. The restaurant touts themselves as having a menu “for people with a curiosity for bold and unusual flavors.” Your evening at Globus will be an adventurous eating experience. This romantic restaurant’s ambiance is just as vibrant as it’s food. The main dining room is colorful, chic, and cozy.

One of the best parts of this restaurant is comfort – they provide pashminas for the perpetually chilly (I am one of those people). A must-try, even if you’re only going with friends.

Il Naso

Il Naso is the most romantic restaurants in Sun Valley for several reasons. First and foremost: they offer exquisite Italian cuisine. The dishes are flavorful, made in-house, and perfect for sharing (enter: Lady and the Tramp noodle scene). Second: the atmosphere is heavy with romance. With low lighting, booths that are tucked away, tables in nooks, and cozy corners, you’ll find a place to have private laughs, play footsie, and drink wine till you fall in love all over again.

If you have other date night ideas in mind, The Limelight can help you set up a night full of wonder and joy for you and your loved one. Check in with our local crew, and we’ll help set up an evening for the books.

About Casey Sedlack

Casey grew up in the mountains and has years of skiing, snowboarding, and creative writing under her belt. A Sun Valley resident for years, Casey recently moved to Wyoming to start a ranching life with her husband and son.