I wish I knew the person who first thought of, then subsequently issued the statement, “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy pizza, and that’s kind of the same thing.”

I couldn’t agree more. For those of you that can’t think of a more palatable food option, this post is for you. Sun Valley doesn’t have a saturated pizza market, but what it lacks in quantity, it makes up for in quality. Here is the best pizza in Sun Valley.

Smoky Mountain Pizza (aka Smoky’s)

Smoky Mountain Pizza has been a long-term establishment in Idaho. It’s a great place for families because they have a game room in the back. Entertainment while you wait.

The menu here is robust, to say the least. Which is good for both picky eaters and hearty appetites. You can make the evening last even longer by showing up for happy hour between 3:00 and 5:30. Open for lunch, happy hour, and dinner.

Best pizza: The Smokehouse.

Wiseguy Pizza Pie (aka, Wiseguys)

This local’s favorite is a small, casual restaurant that is located in the heart of Ketchum. Their New York style pies, homemade sauces and pizza dough (made daily with grains sourced primarily from Northern Idaho Farmers) are topped and baked to perfection in their stone deck ovens. Bring the whole family, kick back with a beer, and let your mouth water while you wait for one of most beloved pizzas in town. Open for lunch and dinner.

Best pizza: The Metro.

Enoteca (aka…Enoteca)

Enoteca does not mess around with their specialty wood-fired pizzas. While Enoteca offers a number of other dishes (each one is as delicious as the next), rest assured that this restaurant probably has the most creative, adventurous, and delicious pizzas you will find in the Wood River Valley. There’s something about wood fire that makes them delightful to eat (and, truth be told, hard to save for leftovers!). Open for dinner only.

Best pizza: Toss up (pun intended) between the Wine Auction and The Strega.

Limelight Hotel Lounge (aka The Lounge)

Yeah, we think our pizza’s pretty bomb too. There is a large handful of entrees at the Lounge, but try one of Chef Jeffrey Gundy’s gourmet pizzas paired with a beer or wine. Cooked in a wood fire oven, you can get one hot and ready in less than 10. Open for dinner.

Best pizza: BBQ Pork

There you have it. The best pizza in Sun Valley. Now, time to feast!

About Casey Sedlack

Casey grew up in the mountains and has years of skiing, snowboarding, and creative writing under her belt. A Sun Valley resident for years, Casey recently moved to Wyoming to start a ranching life with her husband and son.