Team Limelight was in action this weekend at the Steamboat Stinger races. Saturday featured a 50 mile mt bike race, comprised of two laps around the course. Sunday was the Trail Marathon run, 1 lap around the same course.

Stinger Course

Each of these races on their own represent a serious challenge, but the the ultimate prize for the weekend was the King/Queen Sting competition, where competitors would line up and complete both races. 2 days and 10 hours of hard racing later, Team Limelight had a great weekend of racing, with a Top 10 finish in the Stinger Mt Bike Race and two Top 10’s (2,8) in the King Sting competition.

Stinger Podium


Jan Koorn- 8th Men’s Citizen’s Mt Bike: 5:18:25

Peter Santini- 2nd King Sting Competition: Bike 4:52:30 Run 4:19:00 Total Time 9:11:30

Matt Lamm- 8th King Sting Competition: Bike 5:27:53 Run 4:43:46 Total Time 10:11:39

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