When I told people growing up that I was from Idaho, the most common reaction was “Oh, potatoes, huh?” Well, yeah, potatoes…but a LOT of other delicious foods. Idaho produces 33% of the United States’ potato crop, 52% of the nation’s trout, and 20% of the nation’s hops. 

Potatoes, trout, and beer? Yes, please.

This commitment to good, tasty, and beloved food is important in Ketchum. If you’re staying in here for skiing, hiking, biking, you-name-it, you’ll want a few easy to pack snacks to take with you. Here are a few options you might want to consider, all local brands from the great state of Idaho. 

Play Hard Give Back Trail Mix – Ketchum, ID

Play Hard Give Back

Image courtesy of Play Hard Give Back

Snacking with a purpose is the mission of this business. Spencer Brendel, a Ketchum native, started PHGB in 2013 while he was still in college. He wanted to empower athletes and the people who admire them and contribute to a non-profit organization whose mission it was to do good in the world.

The best way to do that, Spencer believed, was through people’s stomachs. PHGB sponsors athletes who create unique, flavorful and healthy trail mixes that are packaged and sold around the world. When the product is purchased by consumers, 5% of the proceeds are automatically forwarded to the Hope Sports Foundation – an organization that helps athletes connect with each other.

Spencer has six different trail mixes for sale around Ketchum and online. Be sure to snag a bag, and give back without even having to try.

Veggie Evolution Vegetable and Kale Crisps – Hailey, ID

Veggie Evolution

Image courtesy of Veggie Evolution

If you can’t imagine life without savory, crunchy, delicious chips, but you just hate feeling sluggish, grab a bag of Veggie Evolution’s Vegetable Crisps or Kale Crisps. Created by valley local, Sheila Plowman in 2011, Veggie Evolution is meant to give folks a healthier more delicious alternative to fried potatoes, all while giving back to charities up and down the valley.

These are an easy snack to munch on during your adventure, and even your kids will love them!

NourishMe Products – Ketchum, ID


Image courtesy of NourishMe

NourishMe is a local gem of a food store in Ketchum. It’s where homemade food and other local ingredients make for one happy belly. While you are welcome and invited to sit and share a meal in the comfort of this warm, friendly store, you can also take most items to go. 

NourishMe has other treats that often change and are made daily, so visit often. 

Ballard Family Dairy Cheese – Gooding, ID

Ballard Family Dairy Cheese

Image courtesy of Ballard Family Dairy

If you simply cannot imagine a trip without cheese, check out Ballard Family Dairy’s award winning cheddar cheeses made in Gooding, ID, just one hour away from Ketchum. Find some at Atkinson’s Market in Giacobbi Square.

Their cheese is made from a Jersey cow herd that is raised and milked on the Ballard farm. There are a number of delicious flavors – white cheddar, truffle salt cheddar, pepper cheddar, cheese curds, swiss, and more. Perfect for pairing with a sleeve of crackers. 

Backcountry Bar – Boise, ID

Backcountry Bar

Image courtesy of Backcountry

Backcountry is a flourless, sugar-free, and preservative-free granola bar. This bar will have you satisfied and energized throughout the duration of your adventure (though you might want a few). If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to a chocolate chip cookie, grab a Backcountry. Stop by Atkinson’s Market to pick up your very own stash.

These local snacks from Ketchum make for the perfect pack no matter where your next adventure takes you.