Shoulder season: The time between peak and off-peak season; also known as the time of peaceful, blooming serenity in most touristy towns.

For most of us in the US, this is roughly the time in between spring break and summer vacation (DINKS read: April through May). And while it’s a little harder to travel during this time, it’s hands-down when you’ll find inexpensive lodging, adventures, and extras.

Still not convinced? Here are some other reasons to book an off-season vacay– whether it’s a weekend getaway or month stint.

Reasons Why Shoulder Season is The Best Season

The Cost

One of the top reasons to get out of town during shoulder season is the cost. Hotels and vacation rentals can be less than half of their standard rate during winter or summer season, especially if you book for multiple nights. It suddenly becomes much easier to justify a long weekend or upgrade to a mountain-view room.

The Chill

“But, there’s less to do”– Yeah, it’s difficult to ski in the spring; and you probably won’t be playing beach volleyball. But with this lack of back-to-back activities comes sleeping in, slowing down, and wondering through local spots and forgotten roads.

Do like the locals do– explore taverns, see a live band, read a book at a coffee shop. Take time to relax and recharge so this time off truly feels like a vacation.

The Specials & Extras

Are you booking a tour during shoulder season? Expect a smaller group, an enthusiastic guide, and a few special treats. Hike spring trails with less foot traffic. Walk into a top-rated restaurant without a reservation. Hop in the hot tub with only you and your significant other.

Similarly, hotels are more inclined to upgrade your room or hand out freebies when there are fewer guests. Bartenders have time to chat, and local shops discount last season’s gear. If you’re into freebies and value for your money, shoulder season is perfect.

The Weather

April and May’s weather is arguably the best in most parts of the country. Mountain regions typically experience sunny, mid 60s weather during the day which pairs well with outdoor adventure and casual strolling.

Flowers and vegetation transform before your eyes into swaths of bright green and purple. Admire the local gardens as they begin to pop.

Shoulder season in The Rocky Mountains is bliss- whether your destination is Sedona, Aspen, Sun Valley, or Banff. Explore towns in a local way, eat and drink on a tight budget, hike and bike for free, and live like kings in a discounted luxury hotel.

Book a room at The Limelight Hotel in either Aspen or Sun Valley and say goodbye to winter (and hello to summer)!